Maria’s Story: A rough journey through the fields of fresh flowers

16 December 2023 | 3 MIN. READ
Maria’s Story: A rough journey through the fields of fresh flowers

In the world of fresh flowers, where every bloom seems to tell a story of beauty and delicacy, there exists a hidden narrative often left untold. This is the story of Maria, a former flower farm worker, whose life in the flower fields was far from the idyllic imagery often associated with floriculture. Her journey sheds light on the harsh realities behind the fresh flowers we often casually buy and enjoy.

The unseen struggle behind every petal
Maria's day would begin in the early hours of the morning, under a sky still dotted with stars. As a worker in one of the vast flower farms, her role was integral yet invisibly so. Her hands, though gentle and careful with every stem she touched, bore the scars of relentless labor.

The grind of the greenhouses
"Working in the greenhouses was both physically and mentally draining," Maria recalls. The heat was often stifling, and the air, thick with the smell of soil and sweat, was a constant reminder of the endless hours ahead. "We were paid by the number of flowers we handled, not by the hour. So, the pressure to work faster, to do more, was always there," she explains.

Exposure to chemical hazards
Maria's work involved more than just nurturing and picking flowers. A significant part of her job was to spray the blooms with various chemicals. “We used all sorts of pesticides and fungicides,” she says. “Sometimes, the fumes were so strong that many of us would end up coughing incessantly or feeling dizzy.”

A ray of hope: transitioning to preserved flowers
Maria's life took a hopeful turn when she began working with preserved flowers. This change didn't just signify a new job; it was a transition to a safer, more humane working environment.

A breath of fresh air
"In the preserved flower facility, the air is cleaner, and the pace is more humane," Maria describes her new workplace. The absence of harsh chemicals was a relief she hadn’t known in years. “Here, we use natural, safe substances. I no longer go home with headaches or skin rashes.”

Fair work practices
Another aspect that Maria appreciates in her new role is the fair work practices. “We have regular hours, and our efforts are valued. It's not just about the flowers; it's about us as individuals too,” she shares. This respectful approach to labor is something she believes should be the norm across all industries.
Maria's Advocacy: A Call for Mindful Consumption
Through her experiences, Maria has become an advocate for mindful consumption, especially in the world of floriculture. “Every time someone buys a bunch of fresh flowers, I wish they knew what goes on behind the scenes,” she says.

Supporting ethical choices
Maria believes that choosing preserved flowers over fresh ones is a step towards supporting more ethical and sustainable practices in the flower industry. “It’s about making choices that don’t just look good but also do good,” she emphasizes.

The power of conscious choices
Maria’s story is a powerful testament to the impact of our choices as consumers. By opting for preserved flowers, we can contribute to a culture of respect and care - not just for the environment but also for the people who work tirelessly to bring beauty into our lives.

Join our movement
By embracing preserved flowers, you are not only bringing long-lasting beauty into your home but also standing in solidarity with workers like Maria. It’s a choice that extends beyond aesthetics, reaching into the realms of social responsibility and ethical consumerism.
Maria's journey from the demanding fields of fresh flower farming to the safer, more equitable world of preserved flowers stands as a beacon, urging us all to reconsider our choices and their broader implications. It's a call to action, an invitation to be part of a positive change in the flower industry.

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