Changing lives with better choices

16 December 2023 | 2 MIN. READ
Changing lives with better choices

A statement of care and change
In the vibrant yet often overlooked corners of the flower industry lies a choice that goes far beyond aesthetics or shelf life. The decision to choose preserved flowers is a profound one, impacting not just the environment but also the lives of those who work tirelessly in flower farms. This choice is more than a mere transaction; it's a statement, a declaration that signifies care, responsibility, and a vision for a better future.

A lifeline for workers - beyond environmental benefits 
The journey of a preserved flower from farm to vase is markedly different from that of its fresh counterpart, not just in terms of its ecological footprint but also in the humane conditions under which it is produced.

A shift towards better working conditions
When we opt for preserved flowers, we indirectly advocate for shorter, more manageable workdays for flower farm workers. In contrast to the often grueling, long hours associated with fresh flower farming, preserved flower production typically involves more reasonable work schedules. This shift allows workers to maintain a healthier work-life balance, contributing to their overall well-being.

Safer working environments
One of the most significant advantages of preserved flowers is the safer working conditions they offer. Unlike fresh flower farms, where workers are frequently exposed to harmful pesticides and chemicals, preserved flower facilities generally employ safer, more natural preservation processes. This change in practice means that workers are less likely to face the health risks associated with constant exposure to toxic substances.

Preserved flowers - a purchase with purpose
Every time we choose preserved flowers, we're making a statement about the kind of world we want to live in. It’s a decision that echoes our values and our concern for the people who bring beauty into our lives.
A Symbol of Empathy and Responsibility
Choosing preserved flowers is an expression of empathy towards the workers in the flower industry. It acknowledges the hardships they face and shows a commitment to supporting practices that prioritize their health and safety. It's a conscious choice that puts people and the planet over mere profit.

Advocating for change through consumer choices
Our consumer choices have the power to drive change. By preferring preserved flowers, we encourage more flower farms to adopt practices that are not only environmentally sustainable but also socially responsible. This choice has the potential to ripple through the industry, fostering a movement towards more ethical and humane practices.

Join our movement
In a world where every choice has an impact, opting for preserved flowers is a powerful way to contribute to positive change. It's an opportunity to show that you care – about the environment, about the workers, and about the future of our planet.

Make a difference with every bloom you buy.
Your decision to choose preserved flowers can make a real difference in the lives of flower farm workers and the health of our planet. It's a simple yet profound way to spread beauty that’s responsible, sustainable, and compassionate.

As we continue to appreciate the beauty of flowers, let's also consider the hands that nurture them and the processes that bring them to us. Let our love for flowers be a catalyst for change, one bloom at a time.

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